digitalml cited in Forrester's API design and documentation report

Create Great API Designs and Documentation With Integration Across the API Life Cycle

In Forrester's recent API Design and Documentation Report, author Randy Heffner discusses how APIs underpin digital disruption by providing the "building blocks that enable rapid business reconfiguration. But not just any APIs will do - they must be well-designed. API design is the fulcrum that determines how much value one's API strategy creates."

In this report:

  • How to build an API Strategy
  • Emphasizing business APIs and portfolio management
  • Collaborating to design APIs and API Products
  • Establishing a product management discipline for APIs and API Products
  • Creating appropriately comprehensive documentation for APIs
  • Coordinating lifecycles for API design, documentation, and implementation
  • Forrester cites digitalML’s product as being differentiated enough to be worthy of special note out of 31 vendors, stating that digitalML takes an expansive view of API design and documentation, providing the broadest set of features for business and technology collaboration around a core design and documentation for APIs and API products.


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