Digital Banking Success for Incumbents through API First Strategy

Digital Banking Success: How to unlock existing functionality, safely innovate, and modernize IT

How do Banking Incumbents digitize before fintech start-ups and other new entrants can scale, to capitalize on digital disruption and regain competitive advantage? The answer is a successful API-First strategy, powered by 1000s of internal bundle-ready building-block APIs to leverage what they already have.

This approach enables:

  • Unlocking of Business Functions as APIs
  • Rapid Innovation without risk
  • IT Modernization

But how do incumbent implement this when there competing IT priorities, legacy investments that are hard to unbundle or expose in a friendly way, and a slow mindset change? This whitepaper provides a recommended approach to unify Business and IT, overcome priority roadblocks and ultimately give banking its mojo back.

In this report you can expect:

  • An overview of the current digital banking landscape
  • The key differentiators in a successful API-first strategy
  • A view into why incumbents have struggled with this, and the options for moving forward
  • A recommended approach to leveraging abstraction and automation to deliver innovation and IT modernization simultaneously
  • The opportunities this unlocks for incumbents to capitalize on digital disruption
  • An understanding of how the ignite platform from digitalML supports Banking Incumbents through this approach


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